Extension programs


​​​The Music Resource Centre (MRC) supports students and teachers in Metropolitan region by offering an extension program for double reeds (oboe and bassoon), french horn and double bass.

Information and eligibility

The extension program allows students who are already learning oboe, bassoon, french horn or double bass through their school Instrumental Music (IM) program, the opportunity to attend free extension lessons with a specialist teacher. Students benefit through learning instrument-specific techniques from specialist teachers and also by meeting, learning and performing alongside students on the same instrument from across the region.

The extension program does not aim to take the place of the students' normal IM program or lessons at school, but to extend each individual's knowledge and musicianship, which enhances their own school IM program.

Lesson times and location

The venue for the extension program lessons is the Kelvin Grove State College Senior School. Lessons will be located in the:

  • demountable called 'Y block'
  • MRC 'annex' off Boundary Road
  • paid parking in the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) carpark​
  • Boundary Road.

All extension program lessons are held on afternoons, usually between 3.30 and 5.30pm. Each teacher offers lessons on a different day. Times are negotiated with students upon enrolment in the program.

Enrolment needs to be approved by the school IM teacher and the Principal first. Enrolment forms will be sent to the MRC and the IM teacher will lodge the student on a survey before enrolment is accepted and passed to the extension teacher.

Instrumental teachers should contact the MRC to confirm days of the week if needed before enrolment.

Lesson structure

Lessons are in small group format, containing 3–6 students. Students are grouped according to their level. Students are provided with lesson materials by the teacher and are encouraged to perform with their peers in a double reed or horn ensemble. The extension program holds a concert at least once per year where each student performs a solo and all students perform together in either the double reed or horn ensemble to showcase their work.

Applying for the extension program

To apply for a place in the extension program, please download and print the enrolment form available on the MRC team site. After filling out the relevant information, students will need to have their school IM teacher and principal also sign the application before forwarding it to the MRC. Students also need to be entered in the survey online.

Once the application is received, the student and/or parents will be contacted directly by the specialist teacher or a project officer to arrange a suitable lesson time.

Important information

Please note that the extension program is unable to supply students with instruments for hire or loan. The extension program is only eligible to students already learning the oboe, bassoon or french horn through their school IM program.​

Last updated 16 March 2023