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​​The Department of Education employs Classroom Music teachers and Instrumental Music (IM) teachers. All are employed under the Teachers' Award—State.

Instrumental Music teachers

The Queensland Instrumental Music Program is a comprehensive tuition program in which students learn orchestral or band instruments through instruction on a group basis.

Teachers implement the department's Instrumental Music Program and Instrumental Music curriculum (PDF, 481KB). Students have 2 lessons per week, one in a large ensemble and one in a small group. A description of our program, with links to the Instrumental Music curriculum, is available on the Instrumental Music Program policy page.

Teachers are usually employed to work across a cluster of schools, with a secondary school and feeder primary schools. The attached fact sheet explains the role and conditions for Instrumental Music Teachers. The department fills vacancies from our pool of interviewed applicants. See the factsheet regarding the instrumental music program and application process.

The first step in gaining employment as an instrumental music teacher is to apply to the Department of Education for teaching positions. The information about this applicant process is on the Teach Queensland website. The second step is to apply for an Instrumental Music assessment with this application form. Your proficiency assessment form should be emailed toInstrumental.Assessment@qed.qld.go​

After receiving your application for an Instrumental Music assessment an interview may be arranged. Interviews are organised according to the department's workforce requirements. Positions are filled according to the applicant’s geographic and subject preferences as well as his/her assessment rating.

For permanent appointment an applicant needs appropriate degrees in music and in teaching. Appropriate teaching qualifications include any recognised by the Queensland College of Teachers, or a graduate qualification in Instrumental Music pedagogy, with appropriate musical qualifications. All applicants for instrumental music teaching positions must possess a degree relevant to their employment. The department may, in some cases, employ applicants with music qualifications but without teaching qualifications for short term temporary positions.

Applicants for instrumental teaching positions (including teachers who wish to transfer to instrumental music) need an Instrumental Music assessment in addition to any other teaching assessment.

Further information regarding qualifications or the assessment process is available on the Teach Queensland website. For enquiries please contact the Regional Music Coordinator in your Region.

Classroom music teachers

Classroom music teachers work in primary or secondary schools. For appointment as primary music teachers, applicants require:

  • a degree in music or music education (‘music’ would appear in the degree title)
  • an education degree that includes preparation for teaching the music curriculum (e.g. Graduate Diploma of Education, Bachelor of Education or Master of Teaching specialising in classroom music)
  • primary teaching or primary education degree or diploma and a performance diploma (including theoretical requirements) and with certificate/s in primary school music pedagogy.

Primary classroom music teachers may be full time, part time or work on a circuit across a number of schools. All music teachers require teacher registration with the Queensland College of Teachers.

Applying for positions

Your first step is to go to Teach Queensland and complete an Application for teacher employment. If you are interested in teaching Instrumental Music you should also complete an Instrumental Music proficiency assessment form. When we receive your Instrumental Music application we will organise an interview where you will be assigned a rating. Our positions are filled according to your geographic and subject preferences and your assessment rating.

For further enquiries please contact the Regional Music Coordinator in your Region.

More information regarding applying to the Department of Education for teaching positions is available on the Teach Queensland website.

Last updated 15 February 2023